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Seniors and elderly looking for Alzheimer and Dementia Care in Los Angeles, Glendale, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Century City, Studio City, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and other cities in the Los Angeles County area can contact A-1 Domestic today (310) 657-8780 for quality Alzheimer and Dementia Care provided by reliable, attentive, and caring Caregivers at A-1 Domestic.

A-1 Domestic caregivers will care for the senior and elderly in your family like one of their own. Caregivers can assist the elderly in your family with daily tasks from medication administration and supervision, meal preparation, personal hygiene, to transportation to and from doctor appointments or social interactions and therapeutic exercise. The benefit of having a caregiver for the elderly and senior in your family who is suffering from Alzheimer or Dementia is to provide constant care or short term care so they are looked after properly while having the company of a friend. Care providers will look after your loved one like one of their family member.

Call A-1 Domestic TODAY at (310) 657-8780 or visit http://www.lainhomecareservice.com/ for more information on Alzheimer and Dementia Care