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When you’re having a tough time getting things done around the house and taking care of your daily responsibilities, it might be time to make a big decision: should you start investing in outside home care services? For many seniors with age-related care needs, the jump from total autonomy to depending on others for certain tasks can be a difficult one, but the reality is that the transition can be as seamless as possible when A-1 Home Care is involved.

That’s because A-1 Home Care is a senior services agency that’s perfectly placed in a city near you, and offers personal services to the elderly that don’t intrude too much into their everyday lives but offers just the right amount of aid when it’s needed.

With the helpful hands of A-1 Home Care’s certified caregivers, elderly patients find that they can get by with a little help from a friend. Some of the specific services these caregivers provide seniors include:

  • personal hygiene/grooming care
  • cooking and preparation of meals
  • transportation to and from engagements
  • medication reminders
  • housework duties, including:
    • dusting
    • vacuuming
    • bed-making
    • laundry
    • tidying up
  • yardwork duties, including:
    • gardening
    • trimming/cutting leaves

If you’d like to prepare for care beyond just a few weeks, there are also long-term senior service solutions like 24-hour live-in care which brings patients the option of relief whenever they need it– even in the late hours of the night.

Regardless of which care option is best for you, A-1 Home Care invites you to take a look at their website at http://www.lainhomecareservice.com/ or give one of their expert caregivers a call at (562) 929-8400 today. With offices located throughout Orange County and Los Angeles, A-1 Home Care proudly serves cities like Fountain Valley, Laguna Beach, Glendale, Downey, and Glendale.